Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Does a Psychopaths Feel?

"Psychopaths can’t tolerate loneliness. Just as all human beings can’t survive physically without food and water, psychopaths can’t survive emotionally without victims."
BINGO!!! This is one thing my psychopath disdains more than his victim. His entire existance is to avoid being alone. He'll do anything and everything to avoid it. I now see it as his sole motivation for every victim he lures in, myself included. Well, avoiding lonliness and the elation he feels whilst causing his victim great emotional distress.

"They have nothing but disdain for the emotions that normal human beings feel. But at the same time, psychopaths can’t live without feeding upon the real and deeper emotions of people who care about them, of individuals who can love: in other words of the people they use, abuse, toy with, lie to and hurt."
This is so incredibly true! My psychopath insatiable hunger to toy with me and his family members is all the amusement his brain could feed on. He thrived on it. Like air to breathe. Wow, I still can't believe it took me nearly 8 years to discover this is what he is. A psychopath. He fits the profile so completely it is difficult to wrap  my brain around.

"Psychopaths are often sexual predators. But even more often, and certainly more fundamentally, they’re emotional predators. What they want from their victims is far more than possessing their bodies or sex. They need to feed their insatiable appetite for harm, as well as sustain their sense of superiority, by possessing and destroying others inside and out, body and soul. A psychopath’s emotional framework is like a vacuum that needs to suck out the emotional energy from healthy individuals in order to survive."
My psychopath made quick note of what was important to me, what my deepest fears were, and where he could wound me the deepest emotionally and would go in for the kill often. Then he would become shocked and/or angry if I reacted. He would often act perplexed or confused at my having been hurt by something so small (in his mind), or so he would pretend. He would try to convince me he had no idea that could be hurtful. Better yet he would deny having said it emphatically! Just seconds after saying it. He would deny it so convincingly that I would doubt what I heard myself.

"The emotions of a psychopath are:


Yep, these are what my psycho expressed. He speaks very softly, and moves slowly which is what he uses to convince people he is gentle and harmless. Once I became closer to him I noticed he was often angry, frustrated, wanting to dominate me in every way, and would experience brief, very brief sometimes only a few seconds of glee. Mostly he wallows in misery and works it to his advantage to gain sympathy and comfort.

For more reading on what a psychopath does/doesn't feel click this link.

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