Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Can They Be So Convincing?

They can be so convincing because they've been at it since birth. Think about how much practice they have had. Since their very 1st thought of "being" they've been aware of how different they are. They've had to practice the art of mimicking things they don't really feel. They've perfected their game of which gestures, words, phrases, actions garner them the most focus and attention. Because after all the one thing a sociopath/psychopath/narcissist is after is admiration. They get tired of being the only one's admiring themselves it's important they have victims baited to admiring them as well.

The psychopath gets bored very easily. The human brain is designed to have some of it's space filled with emotions, attachments, love, joy, empathy, conscience, and caring for others. In the absence of these things the brain has an empty zone that is craving to be filled and fed. The narcissist will fill this void by victimizing others who have these traits, empathy, compassion, love, conscience. It is the only way they can fill that void, just dupe us and take it from us. It is survival for the psychopath. Without such supply they literally are dying emotionally, and mentally. Hence their insatiable hunger to steal those worthy elements of our humanity.

Here are a few warning signs, I overlooked at the time. I now see how blatantly these red flags were blowing in my face. I just didn't know what those flags were supposed t look like. I'll be back later this evening to finish this post and explain in greater detail how the psychopath is so incredibly good at what he/she does at duping unsuspecting innocent victims whose only crime is having held a high does of compassion and empathy themselves.

*"Somethings missing" (OFTEN)
*"I'm sad and I don't know why."
*"I feel empty and I don't know why."
*"I love you, but it's not that really, really special once in a lifetime kind of love"
*"My brain doesn't work right"
*"Ever since I was a child, I knew my brain was different."
*"I am so mad at you and I don't know why. I am so angry at you and you haven't done anything!"
*"Teachers and my parents couldn't understand what was wrong with me. They tried everything to figure out why I was different, why my brain thought differently. Nobody could figure out why and I was just so angry all the time. My parents had to call the police sometimes because I would get so angry and throw things and once threw a chair out the window. I never knew what I was so angry about."
*"I feel so lonely."
*"You have no idea what goes on in my head. It's a scary place to be. Trust me you don't want to know what's in my head."
*"My mom makes me so mad she's always trying to make me think about other people. I'm not a selfish person."
*"You're just like my mother. You don't get it!"

You're so special!
Some symptoms to look for
Warning signs
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