Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Emotional Rape

This article explains the cycle of abuse of the psychopath very well!! Down to the minut detail of the psychopath saying something and then denying it was ever said. This used to drive me mad! I'd often say "what do I need to record our conversations to remind you, or prove to you what you said." He would so emphatically deny having said it that I would doubt I heard it while at the same time be 100% sure I heard it. It is truly crazymaking.

They'll deny saying certain things the victim knows for certain they said; they woo seductively and then turn cold and angry causing the source to come running to apologize for some supposed transgression. They are covertly condescending to the source while continuing to rely on their advice. They play with the source like a deep-sea fisherman reels in a sailfish and then lets the line go slack, back and forth until the fish exhausts itself.

The following definition of "rape" seems to accurately describe what it is a psychopath does to his/her victims on an emotional realm. The victim isn't consenting to the relationship with an imposter. They are consenting so physical, or sexual intimacy with the psychopath. They are consenting to be with the facade that is being presented to them of a kind, caring, sensitive, thoughtful human being.

 The definition of "rape" according Rawanda's jurisdictional law is "a physical invasion of a sexual nature committed on a person under circumstances which are coercive".

There is a term for what a narcissist/sociopath does to his victims. It is called emotional rape. It's the systematic and deliberate abuse of a person’s higher emotions without their consent. The victim fully trusts the alluring false self that is presented to them and is made to feel emotions and bonding for the express purpose of being used and discarded. When they give the narcissist the privilege of looking into their soul they never dreamed that intimacy would be abused.

Another great resource to look into if you think you're in a situation with a man/woman who is emotionally manipulating and/or abusing you is this site regarding trauma bonding. I'll be back in the next day or two to write  more about this issue.

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