Monday, January 7, 2013

Dr Phil's Evil 8

Dr Phil has a book out called The Life Code. In it he discusses the Evil 8 personality traits/characteristics to avoid. When you see someone display these, run don't walk the other direction. When I look back to my psychopath he displays all 8 of them. I can think of one or two occasions in the 8 years I knew him that I saw even a hint of empathy from him. One of those 2 times he was crying for himself so I suppose that doesn't count as empathy. Empathy would imply he was crying for another. The second time I saw what I thought to pass as an empathetic moment may also have been a case of worry that he may be loosing someone (a victim) he had been seducing during the triangulation phase which is when the disordered person tries to create a competition between two women/men.  This competition gives them a sense of power, a thrill that they can maneuver and manipulation not just one woman but TWO! In the game these two women will do all they can for him in hopes of being the "winner" that is chosen while the other is let go by the psychopath. This following clip is Dr Phil showing us his Evil 8.  Take a look and if you think you've met this person, redirect yourself out of his/her life quickly because soon, if it hasn't already happened, this person will take control of your life and you'll be left wondering where your life has gone and how can you get it back.

Traits of a Psychopath

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