Thursday, October 20, 2011

Setting up and hooking in the victims

I really liked this article because it defined exactly how my psychopath categorizes his multiple relationships; He'd have "best friends w/benefits" who he'd continualy promise to commit to and professing his love to her. Telling her also during the relationship that he had no interest in anybody else. He would give her lots of mixed msgs so she'd hear one thing, but experience another. At the same time he'd be pursuing another target w/promises of a long lasting future together. Only to toy w/that one for about a year before the he'd begin the best of emotional torture in full speed ahead. He will have done small things during that "honeymoon" phase. She'll be left thinking they are having just a bit of  "misunderstandings." He'll convince her that he'll work on better communication so that won't keep happening. But, it'll only escalate because he's now discovered her tolerance level and will begin raising it. Getting her more and more use to being treated badly. She won't yet understand what is truly happening, nor she will recognize he's the creator of the ensuing tensions. He won't come out and directly tell her it's her fault. In fact he may even do the opposite and say it's all his fault and apologize. These are just words though because even though he's saying it's his fault, he believes it is hers. His actions are very subtle and she'll begin doubting herself as well. She'll be left wondering what she is doing that is bringing this turmoil into the relationship. This will last about another 4 or 5 months with multiple break up/make ups along the way. However, with each "make-up" he's seeing her as a weaker and weakere victim that tolerates his abuse, which will only continue to escalate. Eventually, if she's still able to hold onto some of her self assurandness, she'll initiate what she is sure is the final break up feeling shattered and disillusioned. But, psychopaths don't go away easily. So, the cycle could go on for quite some time. Here's a link to read more:

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