Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Spot a Sociopath/Psychopath Test

I just can't read enough information on this disorder. My head is literally going 100 miles an hour retrieving every word, every look, every gesture, every selfish self centered, contradictory act trying to make sense of it. It's as if I'm trying to categorize each event in "Yes a sociopath" column, or "No, not a sociopath/psychopath column. Trouble is NOTHING fits in the not column. Most things fit in the YES w/a resounding yes! Some things though are in the maybe column. I just can not completely believe this man has no, zero capacity for love, attachment and joy. Yes, I've always sensed he was faining reactions and always knew something was a off, but to have zero of these human traits is beyond my comprehension. Particularly when we shared some intimate moments where it seemed both of us had really made a connection with one another. It is all so very confusing. I 'm posting this link though because my sociopath has nearly every one of those traits in spades!! #13 is a strong one. As is the "monotone" number. Don't recall, I think it was #9?

Even as typing this I am recalling all of these incredibly selfish acts this person did that I couldn't believe he was doing at the time. I would get so angry sometimes and think to myself how in the world can he be so efin selfish?! Well, now I have my answer.

Here's the link. Check it out if you're questioning whether the person you're with is, or could be a sociopath/psychopath.

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