Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Intentions of a Psychopath

Within any relationship with a psychopath it is inevitable that you will eventually begin to notice the relationship has very little of you in it. You likely begin feeling as if everything you do is about your partner the narcissist. You'll discover that where and what you eat is about his needs. When you go to sleep, when you wake up, how you sleep, where you sleep will be the decision of the narcissist. When you watch television, if you watch television, what you watch on television will not be your decision. It'll be his. Whether you stop for a latte on the way to wherever it is you're going is dependent on if he wants to stop for coffee. If you're getting along, it'll be because he has decided for whatever reason he wants you to. If you are fighting, it'll be because he wants to fight. If you're crying it'll be because he wants to see you cry. If you are suffering it's because he wants to see you suffer. It is my belief the the intent of the psychopath IS to watch you suffer. Some contend that the suffering that we as victims experience is a result of the narcissistic personality being unaware of our needs. It isn't because they are intending us to suffer. Rather our suffering is a direct result of whatever needs he needed met regardless of the effect it had on us. I venture to say that may be the case some of the time. But, overall it is evident to me that he enjoys your suffering. He is getting some sense of excitement. He doesn't necessarily feel happiness or joy. But, there is a sense of glee that he can experience. By watching us suffering at his hand he is getting a gleeful rush from that.


  1. Psychopath or the narcissist?? Both are different diagnosis.

  2. Clinically perhaps. But all psychopaths are narcissists, while not ALL narcissists are psychopaths.