Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Excuses and Empty Promises

This is the hallmark of most psychopaths. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear. They know what it is you are wanting from them and they will deliver. Auditorily speaking that is. They'll tell you all the pretty lies you want to hear to keep you baited for as long as they are satiated toying with you. You're a great source of supply for their narcissistic appetite's as long as you're eating up every word, phrase, syllable, noun and verb uttered from their lips. 

This was certainly my error for many years. I'd believe my psychopath when he'd tell me he was sorry. After all  he seemed so sincere. I believed my psychopath when he'd promise to not hurt me again with lies and deceit. I believed him when he promised me a rose garden. Yes, here I am 8 years later and the garden hasn't been tilled nor a seed planted. I can see dead promises laying all around. Yet, not one promise every took root. Now he's off promising another would be garden tender a beautiful rose garden sure to yield a bounty. She's patiently tilling the soil while he looks on with amusement. The lesson. ACTION!!!! Judge actions, actions, actions. Words are cheap. Words are easy. Words are pretty. Words are full of promise. The thing about promise is that is means something is almost.....about.....to.....maybe.....happen. To often the road of Promise Land is a dead end. Judge it when you arrive. Not when you're promised to one day, maybe get a ride, to maybe, something that might, at some point and time, look like paradise. In that case. It never existed in the first place.

Excuses and Empty Promises
A psychopath does not keep his commitments or obligations. He breaks his word, stands people up, abandons those who care about him at critical times in their lives, cheats with impunity, and makes promises he has no intention of delivering on to get what he wants. Psychopaths may disappear and reappear in the lives of friends and family, causing worry and heartbreak, without ever adequately explaining what they’ve been up to. However, they always have excuses, and it is always someone else’s fault.

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